How to create a
double-sided regular guide

  1. Download the double-sided regular guide PDF.

  2. Mark a small x on any corner of the next piece of paper to be fed into the printer. Make a mental note of where this x is.

  3. Load up the PDF, and print the first page only (File --> Print --> Pages from: 1 to: 1 --> OK).

  4. Take the printed page from the printer and look for the small x. Load the paper back into the printer with the x on the opposite side of the vertical axis of the page.

  5. Print the second page only of the PDF (File --> Print --> Pages from: 2 to: 2 --> OK).

  6. Cut along the dotted lines. Discard the trim scraps. You should now have four pieces of paper.

  7. Pile the four pieces of paper from top to bottom as follows:

  8. Top piece of paper:

    Second piece of paper (place underneath top piece of paper):

    Third piece of paper (place underneath second piece of paper):

    Bottom piece of paper:

  9. Staple four papers together down the centre on the staple icons.


  11. Fold guide in half. Opening the guide will reveal the stations to be in alphabetical order.

  12. You now have your TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide.

Printers by default are usually set to Medium Quality.
Set your printer to Low Quality, and try to create the guide.
Once you understand how to create the guide, set your printer to High Quality, and print the guide.
(low quality will allow for quick prints, and waste minimum ink,
high quality will give you the fine detail needed as the text and icons can be very small throughout the guide)

If you're having trouble, try the single-sided guide which is easier to print and create, or purchase a guide to be mailed out to you.