Open Letter to TTC Chair Howard Moscoe

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Dear Mr. Ace Hot Chaotic Words (a.k.a. Howard Moscoe, TTC Chair),

We believe the TTC has made a mistake by threatening the creator of the TTC A Warmer Soupy Butt anagram map with a cease and desist letter. Torontonians were shocked and dismayed at the TTC's knee-jerk response to quash a fellow Torontonian's endearing expression of affection for the TTC -- an expression that would have only served to foster a deeper fondness for the TTC.

Here at, we have put the original TTC anagram map back online as a protest against the TTC's actions. Our aim is to raise awareness of the absurd copyright law abuse committed by large organizations. The TTC belongs to the people of Toronto; not to a few employees who happen to be in positions of power. The people of Toronto pay for the TTC at the fare box, through taxes, and through being a captive target market for advertising on the system. We believe it is our moral right (and possibly our legal right under fair dealing laws) to be able to create art such as the anagram map.

We request that the TTC send an apology letter to John Martz, the creator of the TTC anagram map, and revoke the cease and desist warning. Instead of the TTC abusing power and destroying its public image, we recommend that the TTC embrace the future trend of intellectual property and put all of the TTC's wonderful fonts, icons, images, logos, and tile patterns on the TTC's website and invite the world to create TTC memorabilia under a Creative Commons license. This would allow your fans to do your marketing from their hearts by creating TTC products that carry the spirit of sharing creativity forward. The icons of a public service should be public domain.

Some of the TTC's biggest fans,

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