A Warmer Soupy Butt TTC Anagram Map

public service = public domain On February 22, 2006, John Martz created a hilarious TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Subway Map with each station's name as an anagram. The map, inspired by a similar anagram map of London's Tube, was an instant hit among Toronto's online community. Within a few days though, a TTC lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to John citing intellectual property laws and threatening legal action if he didn't pull it from his website.

Angered and frustrated by the TTC's ability to almost instantaneously flush all this goodwill down the toilet, we at ttcrider.ca have put the original map back online and written an open letter to TTC Chair Howard Moscoe requesting the map be allowed to exist. Moscoe has a good track record of promoting free speech (he led the charge to reinstate NOW Magazine after former North York mayor Mel Lastman banned it from City Hall over its personal ads). We view the TTC as belonging to the Toronto public and feel that celebrating the TTC through projects like the anagram map should be encouraged, not quashed.

Download the original A Warmer Soupy Butt TTC Anagram Map

Read the open letter to TTC Chair Howard Moscoe

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